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5 ways to simplify invoicing in 2023

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

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Are you sick of the struggles associated with invoicing and getting paid? We hear you...

As the business world progresses through 2023, it’s no secret that entrepreneurs and businesses are facing a number of economic headwinds that are testing their resilience and adaptability. In the midst of this uncertainty, the silver lining emerges in the form of streamlined invoicing and payment processes.

Invoicing and payments, once perceived as routine and time consuming tasks, have now emerged as key facilitators of business success in these trying times. The launch of apps like Invoice Assist are offering a beacon of efficiency amidst the stormy seas, enabling businesses to not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 ways to enhance your businesses invoicing practises using these tools.


1) QR codes & barcodes

There is a reason supermarkets, hardware and retail stores use barcodes, because they are unbeatably fast and accurate. Implementing QR codes and barcodes into your invoicing process offers a game-changing advantage.

Research has found that 93% of products sold in 2023 have either a QR or barcode from the manufacturer. But until recently, there has been no easy way for small businesses to use these for invoicing purposes. Invoice Assist is built around this functionality and has proven to allow businesses to invoice up to 7 times faster!

It has revolutionised my invoicing process! With the barcode tracking feature, we are saving valuable time, improving accuracy and streamlining the business. It's a game-changer.

2) Targeted pricing strategies

By tailoring prices to individual customers based on their purchasing history, preferences, and buying behaviours, you create a unique value proposition for each client. This targeted pricing not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also maximises your profit margins and has proven to get invoices paid faster; all of which are even more important during these uncertain times.

Research suggests that 86% of businesses would like to introduce customer specific pricing, but haven't done so due to the difficulty associated. This is where technology moves in to save the day. Invoice Assist lets you have three pricing levels as well as cost plus and sell less pricing for the ultimate flexibility. No need for complex spreadsheets or anything like that, the app does all the heavy lifting.

Invoice Assist has completely transformed my business. Multi-level pricing lets me maximise profitability like never before.

3) Business wide collaboration

Efficiency is key to maintaining a sustainable business in 2023. As inflation and interest rate pressures continue, the classic 'work smarter, not hard' comes into play. Streamlining business processes and reducing double handling is the best way to achieve this. When it comes to invoicing and accounting, there is clearly a security risk.

Customisable user permissions are a critical software requirement that allows the whole business to be involved in the invoicing process, while safe guarding your data and streamlining workflows. For example, instead of a staff member recording product usage, then passing that information to someone in the accounts team to re-enter that info and raise an invoice. Why not let that staff member track the products in an app then the accounts person simply needs to review and approve the invoice, removing all double handling. Invoice Assist lets you do exactly this!


4) Seamless accounting package integration

We are talking about simplifying the invoicing process, not make it more complex. In the past, the software integrating with your account package was sufficient. In 2023, the integration must not only be seamless, it should add functionality and value.

Invoice Assist ticks this box, seamlessly integrating with Xero (more coming soon) so all your accounting is in the one spot.


5) Easy to use app

If you basically need a university degree to use a software, it is likely not going to be the most efficient option on the market. Using an application is a great option to simplify your invoicing processes, but that app should be intuitive and easy to use, which naturally results in being fast! You will be happy to hear that the Invoice Assist team is dedicated to making the app as easy and fast as possible; working closely with users to develop what you need, not what we think you need...


And that wraps up the 5 ways to simplify invoicing in 2023. We hope this helps your business navigate these tough times of inflation, interest rate rises and uncertainty. Our team is committed to helping businesses flourish and truly believe that Invoice Assist is the solution for most businesses. Try it for yourself with a 14 day free trial. If you need assistance getting start or have any questions, please get in touch.

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